House FT 118

LOCATION: Funes Town [Unit 118] - Funes, Argentina.



Agustina Gonzalez Cid

Matías Imbern



Sebastián Vizzo

Fernando Imbern



Str. Engr. Gustavo Bordachar


YEAR 2012



Funes Town is one of the new “urbanizations” in the border of the city of Funes, in the metropolitan area of Rosario. The place is a hybrid between the low density suburban city and the immensity of Argentinean’s Pampas. Here, all the eye can see is the plain field and the perfectly defined line of the horizon.


Rosario’s Metropolitan area has been growing in the last few years by the creation of new urbanizations where, in the past, there used to be crop fields. Some of these real state enterprises are gated communities with an artificial sense of nature. This is not the case of Funes Town. It was set as a low density open neighborhood that still preserves many of the natural features of the place like old existing trees and regional flora.


One of the first conditions established by the client was the possibility of building the house in different stages. The second requirement was the long list of activities they wanted to able to do in the plot. Trying to combine these two demands, the project was thought as the subdivisions of a crop field. The strategy is to 'sow' different uses in the terrain for them to grow when the time comes, organizing the plot like the neighboring fields do with the crops and the times for harvest.


The brick will be the main character of the house and will let its materiality express the area’s natural environment. The house will adjust itself to the plot, emerging from the ground and making space for existing trees.