Compact House

LOCATION: Punta Chacra [Plot 340] - Roldán, Argentina.



Matías Imbern

Agustina González Cid



Andrés Bertoni [Project Manager]

Lisandro Fernández



Str. Engr. Gustavo Bordachar


YEAR 2017 - 2018



The project arises from the commission of a ‘quincho’ -a traditional space to enjoy the Argentine barbecue-, in a suburban lot in Roldán, belonging to the metropolitan area of ​​Rosario. The design has as premise to generate an interior-exterior fluidity, which prioritizes the visual and spatial relationship with the park and the pool. For this, a structural grid of columns and metal beams is used to define a large compact main space of greater height and square dimensions, which, in conjunction with the use of floor-to-ceiling windows, allows spatial fusion between the interior space and the gallery. The roof is solved with a series of prefabricated concrete slabs, in line with the dry / industrialized assembly of the proposal.


A subordinate piece, of smaller width and height, houses the service spaces, determines the accesses, and generates a storage space in the height difference of both ceilings. In turn, the interior space, can be partitioned by a mobile wooden carpentry, to generate a sleeping place, allowing the use of the ‘quincho’ as weekend house. On El Palenque Street, a retreat is planned, which can accommodate an expansion, consisting of 2 bedrooms and a second bathroom, which allows the weekend house to be converted into a permanent home.


As a closing of the gallery, a series of raising gates is considered, which allow to generate a pergola that extends the solar protection towards the West, and generates security at night. The gallery can also act as a car storage space at night, which is why a vehicular access is defined on the Los Nogales avenue, transverse to the larger side of the lot. For this reason, a sliding gate is chosen that during the day, when it is open, hides in a double inner wall, and does not break into the longitudinal directionality of the proposed spatial sequence Interior-Gallery-Park-Pool.