Interlaced Building [SltRío]

LOCATION: 1250 Salta St. - Rosario, Argentina.



Matías Imbern

Marcelo Mirani




Agustín Ramonda [Proyect Leader]

Lisandro Fernández / Luisina Druetto  [Project Manager]

Fernando Imbern [Construction Manager]

Martina Antezza / Alfonso Colomar / Lucía Campagnaro / Mateo Gagliardo / María Giuliano [Project Team]

Alessia Chiavon / Eugenia Mirande [Logistics]

Ezequiel Leoni [Planning]

Rocío Figuera [Graphics]

Lucio Herrero [Graphics]

Andrés Bertoni [Renders]

Manuel Bianchi [Renders]



Str. Engr. Gustavo Bordachar


YEAR 2019




The project is located in one of the most precious sectors of the city, close to the coastal park system, the river and within walking distance of Boulevard Oroño and the central area. The land has the particularity of being bordered to the north by the General José de San Martín Middle School. Once its height is exceeded, the counter front has a view of the España Park and the Paraná River.


From there arises the decision to locate the vertical core in the center of the lot, allowing to accommodate mirrored semi-floors, thus maximizing the number of units with a view of the river. Working with a 3 bedrooms typology of generous footage, according to the area of characteristic family residential imprint. The introduction of intermediate patios gives the units a double cross circulation. These patios act as bellows that delimit the social sector (located in relation to the river), and the private sector (located in relation to Salta Street).


The strategy that defines the shape of the building is an interlaced concrete fabric that closes to the south, where the street and the bedrooms are located, providing privacy to the whole. On the contrary, it unravels to the north, reaffirming the best orientation and visuals of the Paraná River from the social spaces. The interlaced language shapes everything, enveloping the building mass in its entirety and defining the image of the building in relation to the dynamics of the contemporary city.