Incisions Building [3dF]

LOCATION: 2758, 3 de Febrero St. - Rosario, Argentina.



Matías Imbern

Marcelo Mirani




Julio Casaccia [Project Manaer]

Andrés Acosta [Project Manaer]

Fernando Imbern [Construction Manager]

Manuel Bianchi [Project Team]

Eduardo Dipré [Project Team]

Federico Iocco [Project Team]

Agustín Ramonda [Project Team]



Walter Gustavo Salcedo

Agustín Ramonda



Str. Engr. Julio Mirani


YEAR 2014 - 2017



The project is located in the First Perimeter Ring of the Downtown, characterized by strong building renovation. The plot, just like most of the urban fabric of the city, is marked by a historical width of 8.66m. However, it presents some unconventional features, product of the addition of a second plot of larger area in the center of the block, which used to function as a "breathing space". This condition determines the project of a nontraditional building that can positively exploit the irregular geometry of the terrain.


Accordingly, 3dF Building acquires the status of a mixed use building [Store, Offices, Garages, Apartments, Amenities], seeking to maximize the use of the lot by balancing the covered surface with optimum lighting and ventilation requirements for each functional unit.


Strategically, the program is broken into two major groups, both with independent access, in accordance with the geometric logic of the plot. This division allows functional and structural independence (avoiding tedious load-transfers and/or programmatic subordination to incompatible structural solutions). The store (in direct contact with the road), offices (ground floor and first floor) and apartments (second through sixth floor) are located on the front. On the back, in direct response to the growing demand in the area, 45 parking spaces are divided into 3 levels (with natural-lighting and ventilation) and above them, 315m2 of amenities, recovering the initial condition of “breathing space” for the entire block.


The apartments also have different typologies: studio apartments, 1 and 2 bedrooms, emphasizing the condition of mixed-use building for a community with different demands.


The project is geometrically structured from considering the 4m-diameter space required for natural ventilation, using its tangents as a connecting line that links the two parts of the plot. Additionally, an incision is generated in the back of the building, separating the units and improving privacy, as well producing a natural light entrance to the hallways of each floor. Finally, the same operation is performed on the front, separating the balconies and endowing them with light from the East.