3dF Furniture

LOCATION: 2762, 3 de Febrero St. - Rosario, Argentina.



Matías Imbern



Andrés Acosta

Andrés Bertoni

Manuel Bianchi

Agustín Ramonda

Francisco Valdez

Rocío Figuera



Walter Gustavo Salcedo


YEAR 2017 - 2020



The furniture project tries to maximize the use of a small trapezoidal space as an architecture office. The program demands a workspace and a meeting space that can work in parallel and independently. For this, a curved rail curtain is used, which allows the flexible division of the single space, compartmentalizing incompatible functions for the moment, but integrating the space most of the time. Thus optimizing both the spatial and functional quality of a small space.


The curve described by the curtain in plan solves the meeting of different directions and propagates towards the design of the rest of the furniture: a work station for 5 people and 2 storage furniture, softening the otherwise sharp corners and solving the spaces of circulation.