Interlocked Building [Slt]


Matías Imbern

Marcelo Mirani




Julián Del Bianco [Project Manager / Construction Manager]

Sofía Majdalani [Project Manager]

Manuel Bianchi [Preliminary Project]

Alessia Chiavon [Logistics]



Str. Engr. Civil Gustavo Bordachar


YEAR 2018



The project is located in Pichincha, a neighborhood near the Central Area of ​​the city, traditionally residential, on an urban corridor that allows a maximum height of 19.95m. Taking advantage of the fact that the fragmentation of the lots toward Riccheri Street can hardly accommodate a building in the future, half the building façade is receded, which in this way amplifies the project orientation to the East, providing it with a quasi-corner condition. This operation generates an independence between the balconies giving privacy both between different units and between different areas of the same unit. Additionally, the balconies become interdependent due to the structural interlocking.


At the bottom of the lot the building mass is organized around a patio that allows to protect the south orientation and to orient towards the north and towards the east, obtaining visuals on the lots of low buildings, towards Riccheri street. The structural interlocking is propagated by the party walls and invades the internal patio, using reinforced concrete as the material that defines the expressiveness of the project.

The contact with the public space is solved through a ground floor completely freed of hard programs, occupied in its entirety by garages and an open hall, without physical limits, which takes off the floor building. On the roof, common spaces are placed, with a panoramic view of the neighborhood and the rest of the city.