House A+H:V

LOCATION: Newbery Residential Neighborhood - Rosario, Argentina.



Matías Imbern



Andrés Acosta [Project Manager]

León Carpman


YEAR 2013



The house is located in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Rosario, in a lot of 14x27m. deep. The premise for organizing this project is to make 200m2 divided over two floors in order to generate a bigger garden, necessary in a suburban housing. The proposal is structured from a prism 12m. square and 6m. high. First, two subtractions were performed in order to enhance the contact with the environment, creating a gallery on the ground floor overlooking the own park; and upstairs, a terrace with panoramic view of Constituency Forest. Then, following the same operational logic, a greater number of portions corresponding to different functions and/or air circulation spaces is subtracted, using a grid as a guiding instrument. In contrast, two volumes are added: tank and grill.


This strategy generates a strong morphological contrast between solid and void, where the central space houses the entrance and the staircase, dividing upstairs the suite and secondary bedrooms. This space generates a spatial continuity in the interior while also acting as an articulation with the exterior space.


The openings constitute a second instance of the subtraction strategy. They are designed as perforations in which the glass brick acts as a module, producing a gradient by grouping them. Finally, openings from the living room and kitchen to the gallery and the park are thought of as the 'absence of wall', from floor to ceiling.