Disseminable Pavilion - IX BIAU

LOCATION: Young City Square - Rosario, Argentina.



Matías Imbern

Andrés Acosta

León Carpman

Julio Casaccia

Federico Iocco

Eugenio Tenaglia Giunta



Mech. Engr. Simon Carpman


YEAR 2014



Because of the ephemeral condition of the proposal and no provision for its reinstatement, it was decided to design a pavilion that takes advantages of the effort expended for its realization, providing a further use to its initial condition. On this basis, and in accordance with the policies of continuous development of public space implemented in Rosario, the design is generated by elements that may have a role in the framework of these initiatives. The Disseminable Pavilion catalyzes the budget of its construction and makes it an investment since once it is removed it will return to the city in the form of street furniture, a facility available to society. A Pavilion made ​​by Benches that can be installed in several parks and squares of the city, in commemoration of the IX BIAU. A Pavilion that articulates Architecture and Urbanism, and remain imprinted on the collective memory of the citizens.


As implementation strategy within the urban void that represents the Plaza Estévez Boero, circulations from the National Flag Park are extended, and the connecting shaft between the warehouses is emphasized. The Pavilion proposes as sine qua non condition not to interrupt these circulations, creating a meeting place at their intersection.


The result is a pure compression dome, structurally optimized by finite element analysis. A number of benches are removed from areas with less structural stress, enriching the interior space with a sequence of skylights, enhancing the audience experience. These benches, at the same time, are instantiated in the Plaza as a strategy to conquer the public space.


Dissemination has begun...