Tessellated House

LOCATION: San Vicente Town [Plot 479] – Punta del Este, Uruguay.



Matías Imbern

Pablo Roquero



Andrés Bertoni [Preliminary Design]

Lisandro Fernández


YEAR 2017



The project started with the commissioning of a weekend/holiday house, in a lot located in an open neighborhood facing the sea, in the outskirts of Punta del Este. The neighborhood has the peculiarity of being crossed by a watercourse, which is evident in the lot and generates a marked topography.


The building mass is arranged at the intermediate level of the land as a longitudinal piece that connects the street, placing on that end the garage, with the watercourse, where the gallery is placed. The house is considered as a series of integrated spaces, in which interaction is prioritized, eliminating the privacy barriers characteristic of permanent housing. It has a glazed perimeter, which facilitates visuals towards the rich landscape environment, structuring the spatial subdivision from a central core. Moreover, the rooms are located in a mezzanine, balconing to the ground floor.


As a formal solution, a pitched roof is used to emphasize the longitudinality of the lot, focusing the view towards the watercourse. The roof is tessellated as a negotiation between the roof and the interior space necessary to accommodate the rooms. It has an opening towards the East, obtaining high visuals towards the horizon from the rooms. The pool is conceived as a second longitudinal piece parallel to the house, and it ends in a cantilever over the lake, as a space for solarium and relaxation in contact with nature.