House V

LOCATION: Funes Hills Cadaques [Unit 213] - Funes, Argentina.



Matías Imbern

Agustina González Cid



Fernando Imbern



Str. Engr. Gustavo Bordachar



Arch. Walter Gustavo Salcedo


YEAR 2010 - 2011




The idea for this project was to design a house around a yard without having to resort to the cloister. Therefore, the "V" arises as a volume that falls back on itself and creates a plan that allows the garden into its arms, transforming it in the heart of the project.


The house was conceived as a fluent volume that breaks away from the ground towards the front, moving down as it turns until it leans fully backwards. This work projects a sense of movement, of a compact mass that has been stretched until it reached its present shape.


Out of this fluent mass emerges the swimming pool as an extension of the house. This is directly related to the partly-covered area, which can be used both for parking cars or barbecuing. Thus, this area and the swimming pool lie in close relation and function as one space. All functional components are contained by a concrete floor that adapts its geometry both to the house and to the vegetation in the lot.


The project makes the most of the lot since it adjusts its form to the plot-shape. In this way, it clears the garden in direct relation to the living-room and the swimming pool. Fluency and dynamism are the characteristics that highlight the strategy of this project and its relation with the lot.