Vertical Logistics

LOCATION: 3025 Pellegrini Avenue - Rosario, Argentina.



Matías Imbern



Andrés Bertoni [Project Manager]

Rodrigo Salgado [Construction Manager]

Sofía Majdalani [Project Manager]

Alessia Chiavon [Logistics]

Lisandro Fernández [Graphics]


Str. Engr. Gustavo Bordachar


YEAR 2018 - 2021




The project for a logistics center begins with the commission from a business firm that seeks, on the one hand, to maximize its storage capacity and on the other, to make the process of classification, packaging and distribution of its merchandise more efficient.


Understanding that the area of the lot is insufficient to obtain the desired storage capacity in only 2 levels, the project arises as a series of stacked double-height storage rooms, where the vertical circulation (composed of a core of stairs and an elevator) dominates and fragments the storage space in each level. Additionally, the program consists of a small store, administrative offices, and a space for staff, with their corresponding services. Finally, in the basement the private garages are accommodated, combined with more storage areas.


In the third and four level, there is a retraction of the building mass on three of its sides, according to the regulations of the occupation factor of 70%. This resource is used to emphasize the effect of "stacked boxes" produced by shift between the different levels. On the bottom of the lot there is a small patio that reaches the underground level, favoring natural lighting and inducing cross ventilation. The introduction of two mezzanines in the front, looking to the avenue, allows accommodating both the offices and staff space (taking advantage of that they do not require the same height as the store rooms), prioritizing in both cases the contact with the outside through terraces and balconies that emphasize the language of volumetric stacking.


For the enclosure, the corrugated metal sheet is used as double skin, and it is micro-perforated in the sectors where there are openings, working as mobile shutters. In the case of the party walls, the sheet gives place to solid bricks, used vertically, with the mortar joint recessed, accentuating the verticality of the building. The contact with the public space is solved by locating the store (open to the public) in the center, determining the entry and exit of the merchandise at both ends.