Ribbon Furniture

LOCATION: 704 Pueyrredón St. 8A  - Rosario, Argentina.



Matías Imbern

Agustina González Cid


YEAR 2007



The work consists in the restructuring of common spaces in a three-bedroom apartment with limited dimensions. In order to achieve our objective, a strategy of “micro-intervention” or “surgical intervention” is used, defining the space functionality and resolution through the furniture. The project creates an access hall and also a study area, separated from the living room proper. The private and public worlds are divided by a pivoting pane of glass. Finally, in the kitchen and balcony, the furniture organizes the spaces so as to optimize their use, according to the existing spatial possibilities.


A unifying strategy can be perceived for the various spaces using a continuous ribbon, malleable as required, which grants fluency through a unique, flexible and mutating element in different forms. The material which defines it is wood in its different variables, and the material in charge of the functional separation of spaces is glass, with different types of engraving.


In order to speed up the work timing and to avoid affecting the family’s everyday life, we decided to work with dry construction methods. Thus, the project is divided into four stages [hall/study, living room, balcony, kitchen] so that the house never stops functioning as such.