Rabbit Hole

LOCATION: 273Bis Rufino Ortega Alley 47 - Rosario, Argentina.



Matías Imbern

Agustina González Cid


YEAR 2007



In this particular project, the challenge was to develop a traditional program -a house- for an extremely unusual user: a two-year-old rabbit. We started by considering the possibility of converting a very small balcony into a space for the pet to carry out its everyday activities, using architecture as a tool that may allow us to analyze, understand and solve the animal’s needs, without resorting to commercial houses manufactured with functional and formal preconceptions.


Following deep observation of the rabbit’s activities and of its various dimensions when changing positions, the answer arrived through a unique object which is fluent and dynamic enough to address the animal’s four basic activities: sleeping, eating, evacuating (excrement and urine) and playing.


A folded structure addresses both form and function, using the existing lateral walls as support, and taking advantage of the small dimensions by which they are divided. Three premises are fundamental when organizing the activities: the independence of the area designed for evacuation due to the strong gases given off, cross ventilation for adequate air renewal – without building up smell, and generous partially-covered and open space for recreation. The roof, which has soft slopes, allows movement over it and not only increases the balcony’s usable surface but also encourages the pet to do physical exercise, which normally is not possible for pets which live in captivity.


The choice of wood as the sole material is related to the warmth that it grants to a rodent, as well as to the appropriate living conditions that it generates inside the dwelling.